Foundation Memberships T & Cā€™s

No restrictions

The foundation memberships are an unlimited visit/class membership and they ALWAYS will be. As we grow the business we are looking at adding extra sessions to our schedule - both CrossFit classes and specialty classes. If you are a foundation member you will always have full access to all of these classes.

Cancellation policy

Although membership deductions are on a weekly basis, you can cancel your membership at any time with 4 weeks notice. All you need to do is send an email to stating the cancellation of your membership and from the date that you send the email, 4 more weekly deductions will be made at which point your deductions and membership will cease. You are welcome (and encouraged) to continue to attend classes up until the date that you pay up to.

What happens after the 1st year of membership?

As mentioned, your foundation membership price is locked in for your first year. After that the membership price will increase in relation to the same percentage of overall membership price increases. You can be assured that it will NOT jump up to full price membership as soon as the year ends.